Co-founder: Vivian Taormina

Look for opportunities, says Taormina

A tenacious, determined, inspired, passionate leader who uses a multi-layered approach; always adapting to be able to handle multiple tasks within tight time frames. Often described as innovative.

Enjoys continual self-improvement and jumping in to learn something new.
Praised for innovative and out-of-the-box thinking. Offers creative solutions from a variety of backgrounds including merchandising, product design and development, television, and radio production.

Your curiosity, leads to innovation, which attracts your next customer.

–Vivian Taormina, Co-founder, CEOforCEO

Organizational Analyst
Idea Generator
Creative Direction
Creating Experiential Workshops
On camera/print direction
Public Speaking coaching
Customer Service
Team Dynamics
Improvisational Problem Solving
Productivity & Efficiency Expert
Strategic Planning
Layout and Design
New Product
Infrastructure Development
Project Management & Oversight