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The Creatives of the Creative Entrepreneur Outlet

The Creative Entrepreneur Outlet is a business consultancy founded by Vivian Taormina & Marc Palumbo.

Taormina and Palumbo have worked in the New York metro area across a variety of industries giving them the knowledge and know-how about the ups and downs of business; whether you are starting from scratch, reinventing yourself, writing the play-by-play book, doing the finances, rolling up your sleeves and doing the work, refining the processes to keep up with the competition; turning the dials to maximize productivity…they have been there and are ready to help navigate your ship in whatever waters it is currently in.

Working with the CEO might be like phoning a friend who may have the answers; or tapping into your alter ego; or a sound board to say the things you not sure how to put into words.

Tune up your business with these CEOs

The consultants of the CEO know when to hold your hand and when to let you go. The CEO gives you the space you need and perspective to allow you to express your insides, out.


Vivian Taormina

Marc Palumbo

Multiple Small Business Owner
Natural & Organic Health Care Specialist
Results Oriented Strategist
Artistic Wonder Woman

Multiple Small Business Owner
Health Supplement Product Inventor
Professional Certified Coach (ICF)
Technology Superman

From calm to chaotic or in reverse, exhale the worry, there is a plan for you and your project!
Let’s enjoy your unique story as you write it!

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