Co-founder: Marc Palumbo

What does it take to be successful?

An expansive thinker with an outstanding record of achievement implementing new business concepts and delivering innovative business solutions by combining technological, business, financial, and leadership expertise.

Acknowledged for blending entrepreneurial vision with the integration of emerging technologies.

Marc’s words of advice to all CEOs:

If you really want to be successful in business and in life combine your passion and you persistence for the biggest pay-off!

-Marc Palumbo, Co-founder, CEOforCEO

Executive Leadership
Strategic & Tactical Planning
Real Estate Investing
Sales & Marketing Strategies
New Product Design/Integration
New Market/Channel Development
Competitive Market Positioning
Strategic Business Alliances
Contract/Service Level Agreement Negotiations
Budgeting & Cost Control
Infrastructure Development
Systems Implementation & Upgrades
Project Management & Oversight
Emerging Technology Expert
Life/Executive Coaching (Level: Professional Coach)