New Look, Same Business

Rebranding for reach

You might have noticed some of your favorite businesses have announced they have “used this time wisely”, the COVID19 downtime, to revamp their look. They’ll have a new look, same business, and likely added with some upgrades.

As things have changed in and during COVID19 you can expect your local and big businesses to adapt and change too. It’s survival mode for some.

It’s time for adapting business services, business offerings. A rebranding may be necessary. You may have seen or start to see new and improved logos; updated or upgraded offices suites; or expanded branding that includes more services.

CASE STUDY: Reaching more customers on their level

Here is one case study for a local a “general” all purpose handyman, Juan Gonzalez, who was ready to be seen a little differently by his potential customer base. How to reach more customers by speaking their language, literally.

The primary point of contact focus: NEW BUSINESS CARD

Most of Gonzalez Contracting clients are English speaking customers.
The beauty and brilliance of this redesign is the clients initials are”GC”.
What we conveyed to the client is that most Americans refer to the “handyman” or the person who oversees and gets the job done as the “GC”

Thinking how the customer thinks

Furthermore “GC” is understood as the “general contractor” but would serve our purpose to represent Gonzalez Contracting – “GC”
We didn’t pass by this opportunity once we saw the potential to capitalize on the natural marketing of the Gonzalez name!

Re branding involves thinking and being inside the minds of your next potential customer!

How to get into the head of your customer

The psychology of marketing is about getting into the head of your customer and relate to them that they understand in an everyday fashion.
It is not uncommon language to ask who is the “GC” on the constructions job; or to call the “GC” to get the job done; or any questions need to be directed to the “GC”

When presented with 6 redesigns, two of which are featured here, Juan smiled; “GC” resonated personally with him because Gonzales is not his personal name but a name used and surname of his grandfather.
Juan said it is in honor of his grandfather that he uses Gonzales as his business name, HOWEVER he actually does have G and a C in his name as his last name is Cortez.

So you can see, GC truly belongs to Juan.

And GC fully embodies family history, honors a family name and describes the nature of Juan’s work.

A perfect solution, found!

Client choice: redesign of business card
Alternate design: redesign of business card
STRONG ELEMENTS: COLOR, TYPOGRAPHY,use of “carpentry clamp” to represent the letter “G”
AREAS THAT NEED IMPROVEMENT: Color, design, readability, connection to customer