The PPP.

Now if you are a small business you may be intimately aware of these initials and automatically think of the Payroll Protection Program. While we too had enrolled and went through the scary process of trying to understand and unravel the intricacies (something CEOforCEO can do for you too, i.e. understanding loans, etc.) we couldn’t help but think about another PPP that was popularized by “The Profit” (Another P, ha!)

If you weren’t reading this article and heard the homonym profit/prophet which would you think of first?

The Prophet, the philosophical introspective poetry by Kahlil Gibran of which they also made a “P”icture or cinematic adventure about freedom and the power of human expression.
The Profit television show that examines the People, Process, and Product of struggling small business.

Is it odd or coincidental that these two words sound the same?
You almost need Prophetic vision for success at making a Profit in your business.

Let’s examine how making a Profit in business uses Prophetic insight by applying “The Profit” strategy of people, process, product. Part of the success of small business is the mental mindset of the entrepreneur, the People, the Process and the Product. A healthy Process, happy People and delivering a solution to a question the public has been asking is, well, prophetic.

When you are feeling stuck about Profit in your business, it might be time for a mental health check up of you or your business/business model. What’s working? Who is working? How are we delivering success or strategy for ourselves and others?

This PPP post was inspired by talking to a friend who needed some direction. As CEO consultancy our minds connected the powerful P’s used in business.


Look at the PEOPLE you are surrounding yourself with.
Would perspective from a new group of people help to focus yours?
Where do you find “new people”?
During COVID19 a virtual classroom will connect you to others all over the world.
Find a course of interest. Look up the instructors, read their bios, do you like what you see?
Try something new locally.
The more people you interact with that are different then the norm will allow for reflection of what you want, and conversely, don’t want and this will bring clarity and focus for yourself/goals.


A rut is called a rut for a reason.
It’s doing the same old thing that keeps us in a pattern of unhealthy repetition – i.e. “the process”
Look at the way you handle situations, goals, interactions.
Have you noticed if the process is always the same?
Awareness is the first step and crucial to creating a new process out of a broken one. Need help with that? We do have a Professional Coach on staff at the CEOforCEO #justsaying, or if there is a need for deep excavation you can find a counselor near you. it is not uncommon to use both a professional coach and psychotherapist at the same time.


The PPPs might also be interpreted as spirit (People), mind (Process), body (Process). We have NEVER seen this analogy before – we have just made this up (as an entrepreneur would), as it’s fitting as we write this Product section.

You might be thinking how would adding (or taking away) a “product” to my life help my mental state of happiness.
We have an answer!

You might think the problem lays in the product, and sometimes it does, because often times it is the product (or our bodies) that tell us that something is not right; headaches, back pain, getting run down or sick.

It may be the products we are using in our life that are not helping us.
It might be a simple solution of adding a product to your life that will be life changing, for example, using a proactive and probiotic approach for sinusitis.
(#ad for a product we have experience with and JUST WORKS! Or go direct and support a small business out to change the world one nose at a time!)

What products would help you RIGHT NOW?

Your next steps PLAYBOOK:

While the Process, People and Product may not always be Perfect – nor can it ever be, continue to ask yourself the questions:
What PEOPLE do I want in my life?
Which PEOPLE do I find most intriguing?
Who do I feel my best around?

Where does the PROCESS break down/”I break down”?
What have I done to fix it?
Is the fix working or repeating?

Am I helping or harming myself with PRODUCTS I am using?
What research have I done about the products that I use daily in my life and how may they be affecting me?
What am I willing to try and commit to and track to see how the PRODUCT may be affecting me?

[This] journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step –Lao Tzu

“Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time.” – Ruth Bader Ginsberg