Learning From Others

This post is in our “OUTLET” category because an outlet is a:
1) place to plug in; to get energy
2) a place to find information
3) a place to be inspired

How do you define a creative outlet?
Are you making use of a creative outlet?
What do you want from your business?

relationship? and self-care outlets?

Knowing where to go and how to find outlets for your needs is important. We like to follow categories in podcasts, flipboard and subscribe to YouTube channels that keep us current.

Recently on Flip Board was an article called:
Lessons on Entrepreneurship from four entrepreneurs.
Of course we were going to read it!
Always on the go, who doesn’t love some quick tips from successful people! We were further pleased to see that the four featured are women entrepreneurs!

Like Keb’ Mo’ says: Put a Woman in Charge!

We couldn’t help but see the post in our mind from the Strong Women Co.: A photo of Lenny Kravitz holding a piece of blue construction paper with the words:

It’s time to turn it over to women!
men have had their chance to run the world…and look where we are…

Worthy of note is the international leadership being displayed during COVID19 which also got our attention when we saw this article saying that the countries that had the best COVID outcomes where…you guessed it, run by women. #womenwhoruntheworld

Who are the these four #womenwhoruntheworld, (or women who WILL run the world) in their own “Beyonce Style” of entrepreneurship?

Lesson 1 from entrepreneur

Chinu Kala, founder of Rubans Accessories (we definitely recognize this website theme – and have seen it a few times – big bold photos that likely link to sales from Instagram images – that will be another blog post! Let’s get to the lesson!)
It’s been a great year to “learn something new” as we talked about in our blog post: 2020 the Year of the Pivot.
The APPLY it part is the “WHAT NOW’ or “WHAT’S NEXT” in your business or decision making. How will your new knowledge help grow you and your business up? Why did you learn that something new in the first place if you didn’t think you would ever apply it. Keep on learning something new – you never know just when and where that new knowledge will be deployed!
As a long time family friend would say: “Always an upward spiral” as in the direction you need to be moving. (Thanks Mr. F. for being a positive role model and human antidepressant!)

Lesson 2 from entrepreneur

Dipali Mathur Dayal, co-founder of Super Smelly; definitely looks like a brand we might see in Ricky’s – like pop up for all things beauty! WE can talk branding in another blog post under “creative” if you want to dissect this brand as a case study…lets us know 😉 But wait, that’s not to compete with our own local favorite natural and organic deodorants brands from the Bond & Bangs apothecary
OK the lesson already:
in short: “Identifying the gap in the market and plugging it”
She literally says “plugging it”. See above where we started talking about outlets and the CEO tag line of “let’s plug in, to your dream” (shameless self promotion)
Are you thinking about a new business of product? What need does it fulfill? What question does it answer? What problem does it solve?

Lesson 3 from entrepreneur

Mrinalini Shastry, Six Yards Plus
We just have to stop and say something before we get to every lesson – the creative in us won’t NOT let us! The word “PLUS” just allows for freedom and expansion in this business name, don’t you think? When thinking about a business name – think about what you are offering, your target market and services you wil offer. Now try to think of a word or words that woudl describe that – and if you think you will expand and grow – don’t use words that will limit the potential for business growth. The word “PLUS” does just that.
OK, Ok, the lesson:
in short: What’s your passion? Now let’s monetize it!
Isn’t that why you are here now with the CEOforCEO? 😉

Lesson 4 from entrepreneur

Roma Priya, founder of Burgeon Law
in short: Look to your roots for inspiration
Maybe there was a business owner in your family. Maybe you’ve looked at your family business and how to better way to run, manage or market it. No need to reinvent the wheel as there is nothing new under the sun. Just time to polish it up, give it your personal spin and reNEW it! Look at your family tree and see who did what, when as you might be surprised to uncover where your entrepreneurial itching is coming from…

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