2020: The Year of the Pivot

Everybody is doing something, different.

The collective WE is doing everything, different.

2020 is a lot.
2020 is a lot of things!
And “The Pivot” is one of them!


It was time.
2020 made us do it!
And still 6 months into the global pandemic we are helping clients stay focused to tune up their business models to meet this ever changing landscape!

But back to the BIRTH of CEO and what 2020, and beyond, can look like for you: build a better business model, do something you love and get paid for it a the same time, discover a new hobby or interest that feels better and fits your current lifestyle.

Now was/is the time.
You have the time.
It’s about time .
It’s showtime!

Show up and let’s get this done.
Pull the strings and all the pieces together to make it happen.

This is our story.
A combined 40 years of start-up and business successes and failures, learning and unlearning, packing and unpacking what went right and where did we go wrong, led to the BIRTH of CEO.

We have much to offer, and The CEO was the package we pivoted into.

The very essence of The CEO is constantly about pivoting.
We’ve been to this rodeo a few times haven’t ran away from the ring yet and don’t plan on it. This is it.
It’s like a dance move.
Use your pivot foot; one foot on the ground and free to move in any direction.
Use it to create space for a shot at success.
And it’s our favorite thing we know how to do well!