Is 2021 vision clearer than 2020? #goals

We talk about plugging into your dream at ceoforCEO. This em{BODY} Journey to Your Best Self; a 12 week experience wellness program helps to get you on track first. We’ve talked about the pull and need you might be feeling to make 2021 the best yet because 2020 may have felt like a mess! If your dreams feel OUT of reach, it’s time to bring them IN focus – with you at the center. what has year 2020 brought to the forefront? Is your experience in 2020 giving you something new to focus on in 2021?


To DREAM BIG it takes planning and organized execution to reach goals, stay present and focus, i.e. starting small. We were reminded of this concept reviewing this article where number five on the list of “If You Don’t Have Goals for 2021, You’re Playing a Risky Game” is “Dream small. Big can wait till later.”


So WHAT ARE YOU UP TO? What small goals are you moving toward TODAY to help build your BIG DREAM or BIG DREAMS? While success doesn’t happen overnight, inspired thinking comes from rest, planning, organization to name a few. Starting small and and regular routines will allow the BIG DREAM to see attainable!


The same author talks about BURN-OUT. Burn out can be addressed in small steps too! Step back and take a look at what and how you have been responding to life situations. Are you laughing? Are you making good food choices? Are you able to focus? Are you able to carry times of feeling good to times that are stressful? Working too fast and carrying the burden of the BIGGEST accomplishment will not allow you to see the small wins happening overnight or during the day.


One foot in front of the other.

One day at a time.

One moment at a time.

Step by step, inch by inch, we chip away at the bigger picture. What can you see more clearly now that 2020 is gone? Priorities may have shifted, the people, process and perception of that IS and what HAS to be is going to look different. It has to. You [don’t] have a choice.